Beach Rental in Malibu, California:
the Perfect Vacation

Beach Rental in Malibu, California

Imagine your vacation at our beach rental in Malibu, sunny, Southern California…

You're relaxing on the spacious deck watching the waves wash up on the shore, and suddenly, a pod of playful dolphins appear, as if out of nowhere! Well, no imagination required—this is a common sight along the scenic Malibu coastline.

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Our vacation rental is an—appropriately—ocean "themed" studio apartment just above the sand, and has stairs that lead down to the beach. Low tide (twice every 24 hours) is a great time for walks on the beach, or just relax on the sand with some snacks and a good book. If you're the active type, there's a swimming and surfing friendly section of beach, only 25 yards south of our beachfront rental.

Santa Monica Mountains

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Hint: click on picture to download a map of the National Recreation Area.

In the unlikely event that you become tired of the beach, there are plenty of things to see and do in, and around, Malibu. The majestic Santa Monica Mountains rise from the Pacific to a height of 3111 feet. This National Recreation Area spans the entire length of Malibu, and then some. Hiking, mountain-biking and nature walks are just some of the activities that can be found here.

Malibu City

If you want to see a movie at the theater, do some fine dining, get a taco, or just go to the grocery store, the Malibu city "center" is just up the road from our beach vacation rental—across the highway from Malibu Lagoon State Beach and the world famous Surfrider Beach.

Of course, if it's fine dining you're into, why not try Duke's Malibu? Excellent food and atmosphere is only a quarter mile north (west, really) of our beach vacation rental. If you just want to relax with a cocktail, the Barefoot Bar(r) is the place to go—you can get casual food here too—sandwiches, burgers, fish tacos, and appetizers…they're all good.

Malibu, A Way of Life

As the motto implies, Malibu is a place apart; a getaway that's not too far from the big city (Los Angeles) and the airport—about 35 minutes drive from our beautiful beach rental. Yet, because of it's geography—the mountains above, the Pacific below—Malibu seems like a rural area, not a city at all.

So, if you want to get away, relax and enjoy yourself, book an oceanfront vacation at our beach rental in gorgeous Malibu, Southern California.

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